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How to Become a Professional Dog Groomer

Man’s best friend deserves good grooming, too. And there’s definitely a high demand for canine grooming services, given that there are over 4 million dog owners in Australia alone. A responsible dog owner should groom their dog regularly, but there are times when this can be quite a chore if they do it by themselves. Some would rather rely on professional services to give their pooch the proper grooming that they deserve.

What are the responsibilities of certified dog groomers?

Professional canine groomers are specially trained to do the following tasks:

  • Discuss with the client regarding their grooming requests for their dog. They should take note if the dog has a skin problem, has any allergic reaction to dog grooming products, has ticks or fleas that need to be eliminated, and other grooming concerns.
  • Clean the dog’s ears with a veterinarian-approved cleaning agent. They must also know when it’s necessary to clean the ears as over-cleaning can be harmful to them.
  • Clip the nails properly and safely. Some dogs might be skittish and the dog groomer should be able to do this without causing harm.
  • Trim, cut, or shape the dog’s fur based on how the client wants it.
  • Give baths to dogs using the appropriate soap or shampoo for the dog’s fur and skin.
  • Dry, brush, and style the dog’s fur in accordance with the owner’s instructions. You must also provide recommendations based on your professional judgment if there are concerns with the owner’s request.

How to Become a Professional Dog Groomer

What skills do you need to be a dog groomer?

Being a dog lover naturally comes with the territory. But if you want to be a professional dog groomer, you should have these essential skills that will help you perform your duties and run a successful business.

  • Patience in handling dogs that are uncooperative or anxious. You should know how to put them at ease so they’ll be well behaved while being groomed. Be firm but never harm the dog to discipline them.
  • A strong stomach for cleaning out dirt and dog waste.
  • Care and concern for the dog’s welfare. Dog owners are very particular about who they entrust for grooming. Showing that you care about their pet just as much as they do will ensure customer loyalty. If there are clear indications that the dog was abused, have the compassion and the courage to report about it.
  • Creative when it comes to trimming and styling dog fur. But know when to offer your professional opinion on whether the dog needs to be shaved due to its matted fur.
  • Detail-oriented in following the owner’s grooming instructions, thoroughly checking the dog’s condition, and with the administrative aspects of the business.
  • Have excellent communication skills in dealing with clients and their pet dogs.
  • Know how to advertise your services. If you want to stand out versus the competition, a little marketing savvy wouldn’t hurt but make sure you deliver on what you advertise.

What should you do to become a dog groomer?

A solid background will help build the foundation you’ll need to start your career in dog grooming. Do your homework to gain more knowledge about the job details and the business, in general. Check legitimate online animal pet care courses and other resources to guide you.

If you have a pet dog, you can even practise your grooming skills on it. If there’s a dog grooming service within your area, you can offer assistance so you’ll gain first-hand experience. You can also volunteer at animal shelters and lend a hand in grooming the dogs, especially the ones that need the most care. Find out from animal welfare courses online for more information.

Having dog care certification can certainly provide the boost you need to start your career. You can avail of online canine care courses – preferably with the endorsement of industry-level educational institutions — that offer in-depth, practical lessons for the proper training in canine care and in running a dog grooming business.

Online Courses and Programs in Australia

When it comes to online animal pet care courses, consider enrolling for dog care certification in Australia at Courses4Me. We provide 100% online lessons in canine care courses and business management to help you get started in your dog grooming career. Our core modules include understanding animal welfare, knowing different dog breeds and their fur types, giving first aid, grooming various kinds of coats, developing a business plan, and other extensive training on dog-grooming topics to guide you on the right path towards a fulfilling and rewarding career.

All our dog care courses online are fully endorsed by The International Approval and Registration Centre (IARC), a quality control system for education programs and courses. Download our FREE course guide here for more details. For enquiries, call 1300 100 008 or contact us here and a dedicated consultant will get in touch with you.