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Certificate in Medical Terminology

Study Method Online

Healthcare is Australia’s biggest employer and it is getting even bigger . Now, you can also join this respected industry and build a rewarding career assisting doctors and specialists with their patients.

Core Modules

  • What is Medical Terminology.
  • Origins of Words.
  • Structure of Words.
  • Medical Prefixes.

Certificate In Nutrition

Study Method Online

For anyone working in hospitality, good food must be something that is appealing to the eyes and taste; but also free of any contents that might cause a problem (contaminants, allergens, bacterial organisms). 

Core Modules

  • Introduction to Nutrition
  • The Digestive System
  • Absorption & Enzymes
  • Energy Value and Foods

Aromatherapy Certificate

Study Method Online

Interested in the healing power of plants? Always wanted to improve people’s mind and body through the powerful use of essential oils? Then, this online Aromatherapy course is the perfect match for you.

Core Modules

  • Plant Classification
  • Introduction to Aromatherap
  • Essential Oils
  • Safe Use of Essential Oils