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Wild animal species across forests, oceans and deserts are constantly under threat due to human intervention and natural phenomena. These animals are integral to the global ecology and it is our duty to protect them as much as we can.

This online course provides you the foundation of wildlife conservation – from animal species in different environments, animal welfare, and environmental law. This course will prepare you for further research and practical strategies towards conserving threatened animal species all over the world.

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Core Modules
  • Introduction to Ecology
    • Ecosystems & Populations
      Components of an ecosystem, biomes, detrital and grazing webs, trophic levels, energy flows, etc.
    • The Development of Life
      Lifespans, natural selection, genetics, understanding arguments for and against the theory of evolution, etc.
    • Animals, Parasites & Endangered Species
      Comparative anatomy, how animals fit in ecosystems, animals in the human community, parasites, etc.
    • Fungi, Tundra, Rainforests & Marshlands
      Physiology, anatomy, classification and ecology of fungi; location, the climate, the plant and animal life related to different systems including tundra, marshes and rainforests
    • Mountains, Rivers & Deserts
      Formation ecology and importance of mountains (including erosion, volcanoes, etc.), formation and types of rivers, catchments, dams, deserts and their ecology, etc.
    • Shallow Waters
      Shore lines, coral reefs, intermediate reefs, estuaries, sandy shores, etc.
    • Ecological Problems
      The greenhouse effect, the ozone layer, poisons and waste materials
  • Animal Welfare
    • Scope and Nature of Animal Welfare
    • Psychology and Sentience
    • Managing Animal Welfare
    • Animal Protection Services
    • Animal Rescue Services
    • Animal Health Services
    • Animal Welfare for Pets, Work Animals and Animals in Sport
    • Animal Welfare for Farm Animals
    • Animal Welfare for Wildlife: Free and Captive
  • Wildlife Conservation
    • Introduction to Wildlife Conservation
    • Recovery of Threatened Species
    • Habitat Conservation
    • Approaches to Conservation of Threatened Species
    • Vegetation Surveys
    • Fauna Surveys
    • Marine Conservation
    • Planning for Wildlife
    • Managing Threatened Wildlife Populations
    • Wildlife Conservation Project (PBL)
  • Environmental Assessment
    • Types of Employment for Environmental Scientists
    • Introduction to Environmental Assessment
    • International Environmental Law
    • Domestic Environmental Law
    • Types of Environmental Assessments
    • The Design and Process of Environmental Assessment
    • Writing Environmental Reports Research Project
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Career Opportunities

After successful completion of this course, your career prospects include various roles:

  • Animal Control Officer
  • Animal Health and Welfare Policy Manager
  • Animal Protection, Relocation and Researcher
  • Breeding Program Manager
  • Media and Public Relations
  • Wildlife Rehabilitator
  • Wildlife Rescue and Park Manager

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