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Believe it or not, Social Media Marketing is a common weak point in most businesses! What you learn throughout this comprehensive course can make a big difference to success in your own business or your employability working for companies in various industries.

Designed by leading experts, the Certificate in Business and Social Media Marketing aims to help you navigate the complex, rapidly changing world of digital marketing on the internet. You will be guided through hot topics such as advertising strategies on social media, websites and applications, capturing and converting customers, promotion communication and much more.

Upon completion, you will gain valuable knowledge to:

  • Get a grip on digital marketing and business
  • Learn to improve conversion and sales
  • Upskill and make yourself valuable in the company
  • Improve your own business processes
  • Lay a foundation for more advanced studies
Course Details

Study Duration:

This Certificate in Business and Social Media Marketing online course takes approximately 200 hours to complete, but you have lifetime access to course resources to suit your self-paced learning.

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100% Online

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Core Modules

Scope and Nature of Social Media

  • Explore the possibilities of using social media for marketing a product
  • Recognise Information Overload
  • Become Readily Accessible
  • Internet Marketing
  • Website Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Video on the Net
  • Audio on the Internet
  • Gaming
  • History of Internet Marketing
  • Risks of Internet Marketing
  • Legal Concerns
  • How well are you doing?- Measuring your activities
  • SEO

The Psychology of Internet Marketing

  • How psychological theory applies to internet marketing?
  • Understanding how customers think and behave
  • Methods to encourage people to your site
  • Overcoming consumer resistance
  • Interacting and engaging with your customers
  • Capture and hold your viewer’s attention
  • Use of page title keywords
  • Blogs
  • Social Media

Social Media Applications

  • What are the effective applications currently being used in social media?
  • Why use social media?
  • Purposes of Social Media
  • Social Media Variables
  • Ways of Using Social Media
  • So why do people use social media to advertise their products?
  • The purposes of different applications

Websites, Advertising and Other Applications

  • How to properly utilise your web presence?
  • Ensuring the appropriate mix of online marketing techniques for your product
  • Types of internet marketing
  • Website essentials
  • Message to customers
  • Website Layout
  • Planning your website
  • Search engines
  • Mobile friendly websites
  • Apps
  • Landing Pages and Microsites
  • Internet Advertising
  • Demographics
  • Promotions
  • Get the Marketing Mix Right

Capturing and converting customers

  • Establishing an appropriate online presence for marketing a product
  • Know how to utilise your online presence
  • Marketing Processes
  • Encouraging a Connection
  • Setting up an Online Store
  • What do you need to set up an online store?
  • Tips to Success
  • Delivery Systems
  • A Business Plan
  • A Marketing Plan
  • Steps in Marketing Plans

Creating and Using Content

  • Determine what to create, how to create it and where to use it
  • Websites need Information
  • Articles
  • Linking with social media
  • Clients giving you content
  • Content

Blogs and Newsletters

  • How to develop and sustain effective online blogs and newsletters
  • What is a blog?
  • Online Newsletters

Developing an Internet Marketing Program

  • Learn how to develop a one-year online marketing strategy for a new product
  • Apply what you have learnt online by developing an internet marketing program

Marketing and the Business

  • What is marketing, and its significance
  • Considering alternative approaches to business & marketing
  • Alternative enterprises (e.g. goods or services based sole proprietor or partnership etc).

Scope of Marketing – Understanding basic economics (e.g. supply & demand)

  • The difference between the potential market
  • Available market
  • Target market
  • Penetrated market for a product/service of your choice
  • Different advertising approaches
  • Controlling Growth,
  • Improving Results in Business, etc

Target Marketing

  • Understanding the marketplace
  • Stages that sellers move through in their approach to a market
  • What is targeting
  • Advantages of target marketing as compared to mass marketing and product-differentiated marketing

The Marketing Mix and Managing the Marketing Effort

  • Product, price, place, and promotion
  • Affects and interactions between marketing and other operations of a business.

Product Presentation and Packaging

  • Importance of product knowledge
  • Core, tangible and augmented products
  • Differences in packaging & presentation for different products.

Promotion Communication skills

  • Merchandising
  • Shop Floor Layout
  • Displaying Products
  • Signs
  • Understanding Selling and Increasing Sales
  • Sales Methods
  • Publicity Marketing,
  • Structuring an Advertisement or Promotion
  • Advertising budgets, etc

Product Pricing and Distribution Pricing

  • Profitability Ratios
  • Increasing Turnover, etc

Customer Service Methods of assessing customer satisfaction

  • Significance of Customer Service
  • Different types of customers in the marketplace and how best to approach each
  • Difference between selling, publicising, marketing and advertising, etc

Market Research

  • The research process
  • What to research
  • Surveys
  • Developing and conducting a market research program
  • Where to find useful statistics


  • Structures and Roles Business law
  • Financial Management
  • Business Structures
  • Business terminology, etc.
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Career Opportunities
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This certificate opens up the gateway for you to seek employment in various businesses, either as a/an:

Social Media Specialist

Digital Marketing Manager

Campaign Manager

Marketing Executive

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